Finally Back!!

Hey my loves!!!

I am alive!!! I am so excited to be back home! I hope you all have had a great summer because I had one of the best summers! While I was over there, I brainstormed all these new ideas for my blog that you will all see very soon in future blog posts. I also concluded that I will start a YouTube channel very, very soon (as soon as my face clears up because the traveling has really had a toll on my skin 😦 ). I want to say thank you to all the people who wished me a happy vacation! I am still a bit busy especially since school starts next week, but I will try my best to get as many posts up as I can! Until then, I love you guys all and have an amazing evening!

With lots of love,


9 thoughts on “Finally Back!!

      1. That is so awesome! What part of Mexico did you go too? And my summer is ok I’m going to DR in like a month from now so Im just counting down the days LOL

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      2. I went to Durango, Mexico and I know how you feel! I was counting the days until vacation since 4 months before lol but time will fly by!! By the time you know it, it will be time to leave. I hope you have an amazing time and get some time to relax!! 🙂


  1. Welcome Back Edith. I hope your summer was amazing and how lucky are you to be able to go to mexico. We have a lot more in common then we thought. My family is also from Durango,Mexico am very interested to know from what part you went too. Can’t wait to see you blogging again.

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    1. Thank you so much Yessica! 💕 I had an amazing summer, ready to start school on Monday! And are you serious!?!?! We have so much in common! My family is from Tepehuanes ( close to Santa Maria del Oro) , what part of Durango is your family from?

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      1. Wow ! You have a lot to get ready for. I actually do know were that is I as well have some family that use to live there. My family is from Guadalupe Victoria (were like a hour away from Durango )
        I have been to Tepehuanes a few times.

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