BH Cosmetics Haul!

Hello Everyone!!

I just received my package from BH Cosmetics that I purchased two days ago (super fast shipping btw)! I was literally waiting by the window for the mailman because Las Vegas right now has burning hot weather and I didn’t want my little ones to damage before I even tried them. I purchased all the products when BH Cosmetics was having a sale that I believe ended the same day I purchased the products (and they had free shipping over $50 USD) 😦 I will still link all the products in case you wanted to check them out because BH Cosmetics always has great deals going on and everything is very affordable (plus great quality)! With that being said, let me go ahead and show you all the goodies I purchased!

The main thing I REALLY wanted was the 36 piece Ultimate Brush set that I got for $25 USD!! Crazy inexpensive! I’ve tried their brushes before and they are very great quality. Do I need these many brushes? I probably don’t, but I just get so lazy to wash my brushes that I need back ups 😦 They are so incredibly soft, it was love at first touch!

36 Piece Ultimate Brush Set

I just wanted to purchase the brushes, but they offered free shipping on orders $50 USD and over (shipping costs were about $8 USD). So, I decided to just purchase the following things and I’m so glad I did!

I felt like I need some more color in my makeup, so I purchased the Galaxy Chic 18 Color Baked Eye Shadow Palette. The colors a super amazing and different!


I couldn’t resist buying the next palette because it has beautiful neutrals. And you know your girl loves her neutrals! The palette is called the 26 Color Palette Neutral Eyeshadow and Blush (this product is temporarily out of stock until July 16th 😦 )


After having the palettes in the cart, I still needed a few more bucks to complete the $50 USD. I ended up purchasing the new BH Studio PRO Beauty Sponge and the Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, which I am so excited to try out!


I also found a coupon on EBates for a free mascara with purchase of $15 USD and over. I love free stuff and decided to give the Loveable Lash Mascara a try!


(The coupon code is LOVELASH, I’m not completely sure if it is still works but never hurts to give it a try 🙂 )

Alrighty guys, that is all I purchased from BH Cosmetics. I will be doing reviews for some of these products. I would love to know what product you guys think I should review first? Also, comment down below if you have tried aany of these products and your thoughts on them. Other than that, I hope you all have a great afternoon! I will be spending my time in my pool today after the scorching sun sets. I love you guys and take care!



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