COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review


Hey my loves!

About two weeks ago I bought the COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation just to give it a try. I haven’t heard much about this foundation, actually I haven’t really heard anybody talk about it. I have never tried a COVERGIRL foundation because they haven’t really caught my attention, until recently. What really caught my eye is how it said fresh complexion and oil free! I do have normal to oily skin right now with a couple of dry patches because of the acne medication I’ve been using (my skin also changes a lot depending on the season). Plus, I think this is the one Katy Perry was promoting (so I had to give it a try since I love her!). I’ll tell you right now, this foundation has its pros and cons. So with all that being said, let’s get this started!

First of all let’s start with price!

Price: I bought this foundation at Kmart for about $7 USD, on the COVERGIRL website it retails for exactly $7.90 USD which is a really good price for a foundation.

Packaging: Very girly packaging with different colors of pink. It comes in normal plastic tube, but I really like how girly the packaging is. The foundation stands out from all the other COVERGIRL products.

Description on the COVERGIRL website:

Get insta-gorgeous with Ready Set Gorgeous! This liquid foundation’s oil-free formula provides medium coverage to even skin tone and cover imperfections. The result is a flawless, natural look that lasts all day.
The built-in powder system fights against shine, pulling oil and sweat AWAY from your face instead of trapping them under your foundation. Pair with the entire instaGLAM collection for a glam look on the go.”

Formula: The formula is not very liquidy, nor is it very stiff. I think it falls right in the middle (more towards the liquid side). This foundation blends great onto the skin and it is very build-able!

IMG_0719 (2)

Color Match: I purchased the foundation in the Nude Beige shade and I feel that it matches perfectly with my skin now that I am more tan because of summer. I found that the lighter shades have a more pink undertone, that I do not like, Nude Beige was the lightest foundation shade that had a more neutral undertone.

Coverage and Longevity: The foundation claims to be flawless and natural look with medium coverage, I completely agree that it is a very natural foundation and the coverage is a true medium coverage. As soon as I put it on, it really even out my skin tone, covered my pimples and covered my under eyes (I don’t have very dark under eyes). The foundation claims it lasts all day and reduces shine. I totally disagree with that! I find that every time I wear this foundation I have to REALLY set it with a powder, and even then I notice that in couple hours I have to retouch my makeup. This foundation fades quickly, I want to say that I started noticing fading 3 hours after I put on the foundation. It says that it pulls oil and sweat away, but I feel like it really doesn’t. This is more of an everyday makeup just when you are in a hurry and you need that little extra coverage so you won’t look dead!

Would I Recommend It? Not so much for those who have oily skin, I feel like this foundation would work a lot better with dry to normal skin.

SummaryOverall, this is not the best foundation for normal to oily skin. I found that the foundation needed many touch ups throughout the day. Even though it claims to pull oil and sweat away, I started seeing shine about 3 hours after putting it on every time. I really like the coverage and the natural finish, but like I said, It fades away and needs many touch ups. The color selection doesn’t have many neutral undertones, it has more pink and warm undertones which made it kind of hard to choose a shade. At the end I ended up choosing a foundation that is a little darker, matching my tanish skin at the moment. For the price of around $7 USD, it is an alright foundation. I really like the packaging and the natural finish. I don’t think I will repurchase this foundation again because it fades quickly.

Alrighty guys, that is all for today! If you have tried this foundation, I would love to hear how it worked out for you so just leave me a comment down below! Like always, thank you so much for taking the time of your day to read my blog. I really appreciate every single one of you guys! Other than that. I hope you all have an amazing day and stay positive!



P.S. Go check out my last blog post about weigh-loss without exercising! 🙂

3 thoughts on “COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review

  1. Oh how great! I love Katy Perry too! To bad CGC aren’t availble (spelling?) in Sweden 😦

    My name is Emma (blog name: Indiana) and I’m a new blogger and my blog is about diys, hot topics, photography – life style and a lot more. Right now I’ve a post on my blog about “Makeup Shaming” and I was hoping that you could go to this link and read/watch the video and tell me your opinions about this “Makeup Shaming”. I apologize if you don’t like this type of comment but I would really love to read what you think about this.

    Once again, I’m sorry and I hope you have an amazing day!
    Indiana -/

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    1. Have you tried buying CGC online? Like Amazon or even the actual website? It just sucks how international shipping costs are so much:( and I will for sure check out your blog !:) Don’t say sorry girl, I love reading new blogs!! 🙂

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