First ColourPop Haul + Swatches


Hello my lovelies!!

About a week ago I purchased, for the first time, ColourPop products just to see what all the hype was about. This past Tuesday I received my package. I was literally sitting by the window waiting for the mailman to drop my package off because Vegas weather is pretty hot and I didn’t want the products to lay in the heat and be ruined. ColourPop was having a promotion of free shipping on orders of +$30 USD and a $5 USD off coupon (when you first open the ColourPop website a little window pops out asking you to sign up for the email newsletter and they send you a $5 USD off your purchase coupon through an email), so how could I resist! Not only that, but with every purchase, they were giving a free Super Shock Limited edition shadow to celebrate their first birthday! Let me tell you right now…. these products aren’t like anything I have in my collection! I was SUPER impressed by the texture because it felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before! I purchased two highlighters and the KathleenLights Where the Light is Foursome! Also, within the post I will leave links to the products in case you would like to know more about them or purchase them!

I want to start with the packaging ColourPop sent the products in. It had this really cool design inside with their logo (I thought was really cute). What I love is how they packaged the products in with layers of foam surrounding the products, making it very tightly packaged so that they wouldn’t damage. I thought it was such a nice gesture how they sent me a little note with   compliment (super cute). They also sent a desperate card giving me tips on how to take care of the products and how to use them in order to get maximum results, since they are a very different texture unlike any other makeup products.


Alrighty, lets move on to the goodies I purchased!

Super Shock Cheek Highlighters 2015-28-5--12-57-53

The highlighter above is called Lunch Money and I mainly purchased it because KathleenLights was raving about how beautiful it is (and I completely trust her opinion on makeup products). This highlighter was $8 USD, which in my opinion is really affordable for a highlight! This was the first one I swatched and it was love at first touch (and sight also). I could not believe how amazing it felt. It has a very creamy texture, but also has a very bouncy feel to it. It is sooo hard to explain and the color intensity was amazing!!! It has like a goldish undertone, it looks amazing and swatches stunningly!!! This highlighter is life!

2015-28-5--13-01-39This little fella is called Stole The Show and just like Lunch Money, this highlighter is the super amazing!!! It has the same unique texture and has more of a pearlish, cool-tone undertone, which I think is beautiful! Amazing, amazing, amazing pigmentation and I can’t have enough of this! This highlighter was also $8 USD (all highlighters are $8 USD on the ColourPop website). I seriously fell in love!


(I used my iPhone to take the pictures and I couldn’t get a good enough shot to really capture how beautiful it is, but I promise you that in person they are really, really pigmented and reflective!)

Where the Light Is Super Shock Eyeshadow Foursome in collaboration with KathleenLights 

2015-28-5--13-10-09Can we just have a moment of silence for these shadows….. THEY ARE JUST MIND BLOWING! They have an even creamier texture than the highlighter, if that is even possible. I seriously died swatching these bad boys. I just can’t explain how creamy and pigmented these shadows are. Now I understand what all the hype is about! They are all stunning shades that perfectly compliment each other. Just like the highlighters, they did not disappoint! These, my friends, are a must have! I purchased the foursome for $20 USD which is not bad for four very good-sized shadows. ColourPop does sell individual shadows that are $5 USD each which makes sense why the foursome is $20 USD, but the bad thing is that you can only get these particular shades when you buy the foursome, you can’t purchase them individually. The shadow called Glow is a matte shadow that is a perfect all over lid color or eyebrow highlight. Cornelius (named after KathleenLights’ dog) is that brownish warm color that is great in the crease as a transition color, it is also a matte shadow. KathleenLights is just a beautiful gold metallic eyeshadow, it is a pearlized finish (my favorite out of the four). Finally, Blaze is just an amazing metallic, shimmery, brownish color for all over the lid (if that makes any sense), it is a metallic finish. They are soooooo worth every penny!!!!


Super Shock Eyeshadow (Gift)


Oh my… This is just a stunning one of a kind shadow! The shadow is called Birthday Girl and has such a cute packaging! Same texture as the other shadows, but it is loaded with beautiful shimmer!!!! This is such a perfect lid color! If you are a glitter, shimmer fan you will fall in love with this one! Also, I couldn’t link this to the website because it was an exclusive gift with the purchase and I don’t think they are running that promotion anymore 😦


Seriously guys, I can already tell that these products will become my favorites! I have yet try them on myself, but I already know they won’t disappoint! The total cost was $36 USD, but since I had the $5 USD off, it ended up being exactly $31 USD. They did not charge me any tax and I qualified for free shipping! It is such an affordable brand that I wonder why I didn’t try it sooner! Amazing quality for the price you get. You seriously can’t go wrong with these! The packaging is nice and the way they put so much care into the mailing packaging says a lot about the company. Overall, I’m just in love with the products, to be completely honest. I know I can’t stop saying so many good things, but that is how amazing these little guys are! If you have tried these I would love to now what you think about them (I hope you love them as much as I do!) and if you have any questions about the products, go ahead and just leave me a comment down below! I also want to excuse myself for such bad pictures because they seriously did not capture how beautiful all these products really are! With that being said, I love you guys, have an awesome Friday and take care 🙂



*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any why by ColourPop cosmetics. Everything said is my true and honest opinion about the products and company*

12 thoughts on “First ColourPop Haul + Swatches

  1. I’ve been dying to make a ColourPop purchase, you’ve definitely made me bite the bullet on this one! One question though, how do you think “Lunch Money” will look on darker skin tones?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely have to make the purchase, I know you won’t regret it! I think lunch money will be really nice on darker skin tones, but i recommend more the highlighter called Whisp because it is a tad warmer and the color is soooo beautiful! On the website they have all the highlighters swatches on three different skin tones and I think Whisp just looks so beautiful on medium to deep skin tones! Hope this helped 🙂

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  2. LOVE Colourpop!!! The Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are everything! And the texture of the eyeshadows and blushes are so unique, plus amazing colour payoff. I can’t wait to try the bronzers and highlighters 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello,
    First let me start by saying Thank You so much for liking my post ! Colourpop is out of this world. There has not been one thing that I don’t like from them. I am so addicted to all of there products. I did notice you live here in Las Vegas,Nevada. which makes you the first blogger I know that lives in the same place as me. I love your blog and I sure did start following it ! I hope we can support each other and you can follow my blog. Keep it up !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girly!
      Tell me about it! Colourpop products are amazing and so inexpensive! I really want to try their new liquid lipsticks that retail for only 6 bucks. You are from Vegas too?!!! Yasssss! lol You are the first blogger also that I know lives in the same place! Thank you so much for being so sweet! You really made my day! and of coarse we should totally support each other! Thank you so much again hun! ❤ xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How exciting that we now know someone from the same place. oh yes I want to try them out too,but I believe they are all sold out for now. If I get my hands on them before you I will let you know what I think about them. Hope you can do the same if you get some before me. Thank you !

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  4. I’ve been trying so hard to avoid buying one of these because (a) I already have so many highlighters and (b) someone compared Lunch Money to Mary Lou Manizer, which I have, but how can I stop myself when they keep getting such great reviews! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you have Mary Lou than you basically have lunch money the only thing is lunch money gears more towards a cream highlight. But is there such a thing as having too much makeup? Lol and thank you hunn!! xx

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