Makeup Brush Game Changer?!


Hey guys!

I wasn’t going to originally post this, but it is just spur of the moment thing. I hope everybody is having an amazing Tuesday by the way! Okay so last night I was on my Instagram (my personal one, soon I will be making an Instagram dedicated to my blog!) and while I was scrolling down my feed, a picture in particular caught my attention. I do follow Morphe Brushes (a makeup brush brand) and they posted a picture of something called the Color Switch Duo by Vera Mona. Keep in mind that this product is not really new and I find it incredible how I have never heard about it until now! So what this basicly does is it removes shadow color from your brush as you use it. Meaning you can use the same brush over and over again in one makeup look without having to switch brushes because they are full of product. Is this not crazy? Because I am totally impressed! Not only that, but in the center it contains a wet sponge for wet eyeshadow application. I’ve been reading amazing reviews on it and how it has changed people’s makeup routine. I thought for being so impressive it was going to cost quite a bit, but on Amazon (authorized retailer for the product) it is $24 USD which isn’t that bad (click here to view). Also, the duo is available through not just online retailers, but retailers around the world. The point of this post is to know if anyone of you have tried it? If you did, how did it work out for you?  I hope I’m not the only one who didn’t know about this product until now. Below I left a video showing how the product works. I encourage you guys to take a look at it and tell me your opinion.

I will definitely have a review of my own after I try this product out! Other than that, I love you guys and I will talk to you later!



8 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Game Changer?!

      1. They really are and most are around 15-18 USD. And then there’s free shipping and 10% off codes. Can’t beat it and the quality is amazing. I am really happy with the ones I got. I use them every day. My precious gems.


      2. Great quality and price, you seriously can’t beat that! I have to really try them now! I’ve been also meaning to try the Morphe brushes, have you tested those out by any chance?


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