April Favorites!

Hey Guyssss!!!

I can’t believe April is over, this year is just flying by! I’ve been really stressed since finals are coming up, to add on that I have terrible allergies! I sneeze like 30 times every minute and the worst part about it is regular anti-histamines are not working 😦 Anyways, this is my first favorites post and I really tried to limit it to products I’ve been using almost everyday this month because I have so many favorites!


  • NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder in SFP01 (white) – I use this ALL the time. I love it for setting my concealer and I also love it to set my makeup especially that T-zone area (I get super oily especially in the T-zone and I HATE it!).
  • L’oreal La Palette Nude 2 It has the perfect everyday colors and they are suppppperrrr easy to blend. Not to mention that it has some awesome matte colors!
  • Milani Baked Blush in LuminosoThis is the perfect blush for spring/summer and its so beautiful on the skin. I’ve been seriously using it everyday even if I don’t where a full face of makeup. It’s build-able which I personally love!
  • e.l.f. Blush Brush– Hands down, favorite blush brush. it fits perfects on the apples of my cheeks making it so easy to apply brush. It is sooooo soft and it’s only $3 USD, like could it get any better? Definitely going to buy the rest of the e.l.f studio brush set!
  • ELLE Nail Lacquer in Some Like it Lilac– This nail polish is so sickening of how beautiful it is. It is the perfect lilac color for spring. I had it on most of the month of April and I loved it!

That concludes this months favorites and I hope you guys really liked this kind of post. I really tried to limit it to 5 products because I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with 30 products at a time (but if you guys want me to, I have no problem listing all 30 lol). Anyways, what were your favorite products for this month? I would love to hear about them since I’m always looking to try new products. I hope you all have an amazing rest of the day, I love you all and take care!



9 thoughts on “April Favorites!

  1. I love the elf blush brush! I’ve been using it to set my under eye concealer, they have come out with several new brushes this year, you should try them out 🙂
    P.S we have a lot of make up favorites lol

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