Hit or Miss: BH Cosmetics 66 Color Palette Lipgloss

Hey Guys! Today has been a pretty good day and I hope you’re having an awesome day too! I had some extra time, so I decided to blog a little. As you know, I did a review earlier this week on the BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush palette, but today I will review another BH Cosmetics product. So lets get started!IMG_0224


When I bought the BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette, I decided to also purchase the lip gloss palette. I was a little hesitant because I’ve purchased lip gloss palettes before but they were all a very sheer color and looked all the same. I started to read the reviews on the website and the lip gloss palette had a lot of positive feedback. First of all, the palette was only going to cost me $7.95, so that kind of just convinced me to purchase it. Let me tell you something guys, I am soooooo happy I purchased the palette because the pigmentation the lip glosses are AMAZING! They apply like butter and have a semi-matte finish. As you can see, there are blue lip glosses and they aren’t no joke. The palette is true to its colors. The only down side to it is that they do wear off after 5-6 hours of applying (if you don’t drink or eat anything, if you do eat or drink they will last around 3-4 hours). That is a big downside because the palette isn’t small to take it with you to reapply like a lipstick. I do recommend this palette if you want to try out a lot of colors or if you don’t want to buy a lot of lip glosses/lipsticks because you get every color in one palette. Even if they don’t last that long, I totally recommend purchasing this product because you get  so much for such a low price and you can try out new colors before purchasing a more expensive lipstick.It’s a must have! Just click here if you are interested in the palette.

Overall Rating:

rating_stars - Copy

Well guys if you have any tips or any products you recommend I should try, don’t hesitate to comment below! I love hearing what you guys have to say. Until next time!

Buh-bye 🙂

Rating Image Credit: Rating Stars from clipart.me

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